Johannesburg – 2, 4, 8 and 12 Day Make-up Courses


2 Day Make-Up Course: R 1900.00 (deposit: R 950.00)

4 Day Make-Up Course: R 4400.00 (deposit: R 2200.00)

8 Day Make-Up Course: R 5600.00 (deposit: R 3000.00)

12 Day Make-Up Course: R 6200.00 (deposit: R 3100.00)

Part Time Make-Up Course: R 6200.00 (deposit: R 3100.00)

  • Please note the Part Time and 12 Day are the same course – Part Time is just over a much longer period of time over weekends

Please note:

If none of the course dates work for you we will try and accommodate you, please get in touch. We only run Full Time Courses if there are 3 or more students wanting to book and dates are therefore set when students apply for the course

All recap lessons are free of charge. You are welcome to join a group to recap a lesson (provided there is space in the class)

2 and 4 Day Course students will each receive a certificate.

8 and 12 Day Course students as well as Part and Full Time students have the choice if they would like a certificate or if they would like to do a practical exam and aim for a diploma. Students will then par take in a practical exam at the end of their course. Certificates are presented to those who don’t achieve 80% and diplomas to those who achieve 80% or more.

8 & 12 Day Course students and Part Time Course students are welcome to practice at the studio at any time during or after their course (especially if practice is needed before the practical exam). Space is on a first come first serve basis. We also only allow this practice time when Kelci is present in studio teaching (some classes are not fully booked and we would therefore love you to come practice and improve your skill).

Class times:

10am till 4.30pm daily. Class times will be reduced by one hour for classes with 1 to 2 students. Class STARTS at 10am so arrive 9:55am please.

Please contact Margie at for upcoming dates.