Make-up kits

Student brush kit photo example-1

Make-up Stars do not include student kits in the course fees. Students can use all of our make-up during the courses. With this arrangement students get to work with a wide variety of products and can decide which items will work best for their unique kit.

Each student has different kit requirements and it’s therefore more suitable and practical to offer each student a kit that actually works for the type of make-up they decide to specialise in.

We introduce students to professional make-up brands,students will need to show each make-up brand their certificate/diploma in order to qualify for the student discount. (10% discount)

If our students would like our help with designing their make-up kit we are happy to assist and suggest suitable items that will suit the type of make-up they will be doing after their course.

A basic kit costs between R 2500.00 and R 5000.00.

Students can build their kits as they have the finances to do so.

If students would like to purchase make-up during or after their course, Make-up Stars sell specialised products. A basic kit costs around R 2500.00 – R 5000.00.

Items Make-up Stars do not sell can be purchased in store. A full kit list is provided during classes

Make-up brands used: MAC and PMU

• Please note: If you would like to purchase your own set of make-up brushes Make-up Stars can offer you a set of brushes in a pouch (20 pieces).