Private Intensive Make-up Lessons


You can book any of our courses on a private basis:

2, 4 and 8 Day Make-up Courses

Part Time and Full Time Make-up Courses

  • Advanced Make-up Course
  • Special Effects Workshop
  • Hair Styling Course or 1 Day Hair Workshop
  • Request a subject: Drag make-up etc
  • We can accommodate you on some Saturdays, Sundays, week days or evenings

Cost for private lessons:

R 1300.00 p/p, per day. If you book 4 or more days: R 1200.00 p/d
R 1100.00 p/p, per day for 2 people. If you book 3 or more days: R 2000.00 p/d
R 900.00 p/p, per day for 3 people. If you book 2  or more days R 2500.00 p/d.

One person per day, 50% deposit = R 650.00 in advance and the balance at the start of the 1st lesson, if 2 people per day, 50% = R 550.00 p/p and the balance at the start of 1st lesson.

Booking tips:

  • If you want to do the 4 Day Course but you can only attend lesson 1 and 2 of the advertised dates (for example) and therefore cannot make lessons 3 and 4. Then book two private lessons for lesson 3 and 4 on dates that work for you to make up up a full 4 Day Course (we can accommodate you on some Sundays or week evenings. 2 week evenings counts as one lesson)
  • You can extend any 2 Day Course to a 4 Day Course and any 4 Day Course to a Part Time Course at any time. Just pay the difference in the course fee between the 2 and 4 Day Course (R 1200.00) and if you have done a 4 Day Course and would like to extend to a Part Time Course you will get a 15% discount on the Part Time Course fee (discount R 870.00)